Tattoo Aftercare:

Follow these two steps DAILY for 7 to 10 days for proper healing of your new tattoo.

1. Wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap.

2. Apply a THIN THIN THIN!!!! layer of Aquaphor twice per day. It is that simple!!!

DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. Your tattoo will peel similar to how a sunburn peels. Picking while it is healing will result in the loss of color!

DO NOT saturate your tattoo for long periods of time with water or Aquaphor. The body needs to seal the skin to aid in healing and prevent germs from getting in and causing any irritation. Overusing lotion or soaking your tattoo makes the surface skin too soft and allows seepage, which will allow the ink to come out. It also allows germs to penetrate.

DO put clean sheets on your bed for proper healing of your tattoo. Pet hair and dander is loaded with bacteria!! Enough said!!

Stay out of sun and salt water for two weeks until tattoo is completely healed.

If you have any questions during the healing process, Please call the shop: (301)-834-8335!

Piercing Aftercare:

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Facial/Body piercings

2-3 times daily – Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap for a minimum of 30 seconds. Using clean Qtips and warm water,gently soak and remove any “crusties” or dried blood. Using more clean Qtips and H2Ocean or sterile wound wash saline,clean piercing thoroughly. Once you are certain that crusties are removed, you can spray saline directly at your piercing and move jewelry back and forth. Do not use alcohol, as it will dry out tissue, which prevents healing. Avoid friction and tight clothing against your piercing throughout the healing process. With a fresh genital piercing, practice safe, clean sex until piercing is fully healed.


Sea Salt Soaks

can be effective for healing piercings such as nipples, navels, and microdermals. Combine 1/4 tsp fine grain, non iodized sea salt to 1 cup of warm, distilled water. Using a clean shot glass or dixie cup, seal the area and soak 5-10 minutes. Another method is to saturate a cotton ball with saline and place it on your piercing. A warm water rinse after will remove any salt residue.

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Oral Piercings

for the first month…in addition to standard oral hygiene, you must rinse your mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds with either H2Ocean mouthwash, Biotene, or an alcohol free rinse every time you smoke, eat, or drink anything other than bottled water. Do not use straws because it will cause additional swelling. Refrain from open mouth kissing or performing oral sex for 4-6 weeks.

IBUPROFEN or any anti-inflammatory can dramatically reduce swelling if taken as directed on the bottle for several days.

Infection – Infection is rare, and is usually caused by improper handling while healing. If you notice excessive redness, discharge, red streaks, fever, or a painful lump at piercing site, seek treatment immediately. DO NOT REMOVE JEWELRY until infection is cleared up, as this can lead to infection being trapped inside the body which in the worst case, may be fatal. We will be happy to look at your piercing, however, always consult a medical professional if you feel it is needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about your piercing, please call 301-834-8335