WV Tattoo Expo!

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It’s that time of year again! @tiffinykaetzeltattoo and @bryan.americantattoo will be at the @wvtattooexpo next month and we hope to see you there! If you’re going to be there and want to set up an appointment please email Tiffinyamericantattoo834@gmail.com or bryanamericantattoo834@gmail.com

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Guest Artist: Bridgett from King of the Bay will be here September 18th & 19th!

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Bridgett will be tattooing alongside us September 18th & 19th. Her portfolio is full of gems. Take a look and snag a piece while she’s in town. Please contact the shop at 301-834-8335 for booking. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Bridgett directly through email, facebook or instagram. Instagram: [@]Bridgettrenea Email: ...

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Guest Artist: Brandon Mohr from State Street Tattoo on June 23rd & 24th!

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Brandon from State Street Tattoo will be guest spotting with us on June 23rd and 24th. Don’t let his face sleeve fool ya. If you are interested in booking with him please give us a call at 301-834-8335. If you have questions or reference material please contact Brandon directly by phone(330-429-5652), text or facebook Instagram: ...

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Guest Artist: Clifton Carter Jr. from Dean’s Tattoo HQ on April 21st!

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  Clifton will be here April 20th. If you haven’t seen his single needle work its worth taking a peek. He is booked solid but feel free to email him with your tattoo ideas so he stays with us a little bit longer 🙂 Email: clifwcarter@yahoo.com website: http://www.doctorwillyfresh.com/ Instagram: @cliftoncarterjr / @cliftoncarterjrtattoo

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